• LOCATION: Munich, Germany
  • CLIENT: Captiva Capital Manag
  • PROGRAM:  Hotels
  • SIZE: 4.650 m2
  • STATUS: Project
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez, Elena Gil



The project is situated on the north of Munich, 25 km away from the city centre and 6 km from the University. The residence is formed of
modules. It holds a total of 126 rooms and diverse commune zones both on ground floor and some others.

The whole project is based on the use of modules. The design uses three different modules. The modules need to be adjusted in a factory to the needs of the design. Not only the structure is worked out in the factory. All the building is built inside the warehouse, and the rest of the component are installed: roofs, walls, installtions, pavements, paint etc etc. the installations are designed in a way that can be plugged and unplugged. 85% of the building is built in the factory, only the foundations and connections to the local supplies are left out of the process.

The building comes from the factory to the final site. The width of the modules permit a normal transport by road with
a truck. In very sort time the different modules are assambled. the site needs some preparations, when the containers come the foundations need to be ready as well as all the installations for the supplies.

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