Gran Iberostar Madrid

Gran Iberostar Madrid


  • LOCATION: Madrid, Spain
  • CLIENT: Iberostar
  • PROGRAM:  Hotel
  • SIZE: 25.000 m2 
  • STATUS: Design
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez, Iria Gámez, Laura Purlyté, Daniel Szeifert



The new GRAN IBEROSTAR MADRID in a unique and extraordinary zone in the heart of historic city, less than 5 minute
walk of the focus and the cultural interest. The location which, besides than just being pedestrian, is excellently communicated. An always active environment which is a centre of the most significant events and celebrations which take place throughout the year in the city of

In short, a context with past, present and future.

Respecting its perimetral skelet for the placement of the rooms we used the same useful surface of the original building; we propose reconfiguration of the interior, providing natural light that enters the building through the ground floor and provided the necessary space which was required by the program of GRAN IBEROSTAR MADRID.

The spatial quality and richness of the La calidad, espacially the wealth of cross-sectional visuals are achieved with three large interconnected boxes that reflect and let light through, sheltering and differentiating the semi-public order of the Hotel: the SPA circuit, the indoor pool, the gym, the meeting rooms, the events terrace and the conference room.

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