• LOCATION: Galicia, Spain
  • PROGRAM: Ideas Competition
  • SIZE: 6.182 m2
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Iria Gámez, Klaudia Sandecka, Dovile Simkunaite y Xeni Dimoka
  • STATUS: Competition



AGORA 895 recalls the old here and now principle. The now comes from the Galician term agora. The here is the 895, which matches the postal code ending (15895) where the multifunctional center for entertainment, culture and economic promotion aimed at youth and people at risk of social exclusion is located; a number that represents the inhabitants of O Milladoiro and future users of the building. The here and now are keywords of a youth that seeks nothing more than to be in total connection with the present. Be it more or less virtual, more or less physical. 

AGORA 895 on the other hand, refers to the old Greek term ágora, a square, a meeting and gathering point. In short, a reference point for a certain social group. And this notion has been a decisive element in the design and development of the proposal. 

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