• LOCATION: Alcañiz, Spain
  • DATE: 2007
  • CLIENT: Government of Spain
  • SIZE: 90.000 m2
  • STATUS: Competition 2nd prize


The activities related to the different races together with the aridity of the terrain, give the new Motorcity de Alcañiz a very unique character. This development can easily be compared to Las Vegas, the very configuration of the site itself can lead to a remarkable and extraordinary development.

Each of the different buildings has its own design, vegetation, character, water treatment, recreational programs. By placing them next to each other, the collective space between them becomes a "puzzle" of landscape pieces, creating paths that connect the oasis with the surrounding area.

The roofs are covered with materials found in the place (red sand, stones, small plants, vegetation), the buildings get a "heavy roof" with great potential as a temperature regulator. The buildings acquire a more natural and ecological character, merging with the landscape. By slightly lifting the edges of the buildings, a pleasant shaded square is created for access and activities. Thanks to this, a glass facade is created that allows views from the buildings to the square and vice versa.

The facades are designed as structural concrete walls for overhangs. The concrete is pigmented white to accentuate the solar reflection. Contrasts strongly with the aridity of the environment, accentuates the sensation of oasis.

Differences in design are therefore understood as pieces, as "stones" of the desert. 

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