MRA Apartments in Mallorca, stone and glass, earth and sky, tradition and modernity all together in a unique building overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The building is implanted on a narrow plot defined by a strong inclination, and a very limited footprint. Given the several urban restrictions on one hand, and the requests of the client on the other, the project concludes to a vertical and compelling construction comprised by 7 luxury residences piled up.

The proposed design maximizes the above mentioned panoramic views and also the potential value of the properties by bringing to the limit the permitted footprint of the penthouses, designed as duplexes with roof decks, the most valuable m2. This results in a dramatic overhang to the sea of the top levels in contrast with the more traditional built into the terrain lower floors.

The architectural design assembles two volumes: the traditional and the contemporary, the massive and the light, the sky and the ground. It also empowers the building concept of “lighthouse-Mirador”.

More information here: www.mirador-calamajor.com

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