Villa L+

Villa L+


  • LOCATION: Madrid, Spain
  • CLIENT: Private
  • PROGRAM:  Private residence
  • SIZE: 1.000 m2 
  • STATUS: Under construction
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez, Alicia Camino, Iria Gámez, Laura Purlyté, Filip Szafalowicz



A family house at Conde Orgaz, a sub urban cluster in the heart of Madrid, the area is an oasis in the city. The context of the plot and neighbourhood define the concept for the house. An extense flat plot, with a light fall to the north surrounded by other villas; overlooking by the neighbours and privacy are issues to concern. Traditional architecture based on slate stone pitch roofs define the “style” of the neighbourhood. The client demanded a 2 story family house, open to the garden but at the same time private and secluded.

To take advantage of the plot and maximise the garden area, Villa L+ immerses itself into the plot, “stretching” alongside the north east boundary of the property, in order to open the house to the right orientation, southwest, whilst turning the back to the east and north neighbour. The L shaped house embraces the plot and opens to a big central garden. A maximized "L" house, Villa L+.

The house shares a similar identity as the area but at a different scale: both of them are an oasis, one in relation to the city and the other in relation to the area.


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