KubiK Extension

KubiK Extension


  • LOCATION: Mallorca, Spain
  • CLIENT: Private
  • PROGRAM: Private residency
  • SIZE: 950m2
  • STATUS: Finalized
  • ARCHITECTURE: Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: José Hevia 




The demand of the client requested the addition of more spaces to the current house: a games room, several bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool and the reorganization of the existing house.

 After much research and analysis, the idea of intervening in the facades of the old house was cast aside and we choose to extend the house through an exercise of EXTREME CONTRAST, focusing on the contemporary language of the new volumes and maximising this difference.

The result is a series of "steel boxes" that surround and embrace the old house, creating a unique and modern combination. The original building was left in the same state, white facades with sloping roofs of Arabic tile and wooden carpentries, and in contrast, the extension was made of Corten steel, a "living" material that changes over the years.

This combination highlights both architectures: on one hand, the old, classic style and low value, and the volumes, abstract and robust style. The result generates interesting situations and new programs for housing.

The entrance sequence is enhanced by architectural intervention: a new volume conceived as porch wraps up arrivals. Inside, the volume that houses the new bathroom in the master bedroom flies over the garden creating a new covered area on the outside and in addition offering spectacular views of the Palma Bay. In the extremes, both the new bedroom and the games room stand out from the main volume, extending the house and taking advantage of the views. Finally, the relaxation area at a lower level against the ground.

The house is situated on a plot within a pine forest, with a steep slope facing south and offers extensive views over the bay of Palma. This last volume features a swimming pool of about 20 m long, a gym and a small spa area, and has been placed semi-buried in front of the house, which allows to take full advantage of the cover, extending the garden. Inside, a large window to the south maximizes the views and its relationship with the environment, turning it into a semiexterior space. The internal finish made of IPE wood on the floor and ceiling, and the white marble-clad swimming pools, make this area a warm and bright space.

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