Where Eagles Dare

Where Eagles Dare


  • LOCATION: Monport, Port d’Andratx, Mallorca
  • CLIENT: Private
  • PROGRAM: Private Villa
  • SIZE: 1.000 m2 
  • ARCHITECTURE: Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez
  • INTERIOR DESIGN: Sean Fitzpatrick (DIAMOND PROJECTS), Paul Brindle (ONE RESIDENCE), Don Hobson (DESIGN).
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: José Hevia



How to design a house on a plot with the best possible views?

The proposal requested by the client demanded to take full advantage of the panoramic views, 360 degrees, while maintaining privacy. The design strategy used projects the house off the mountain, thanks to a dramatic 7 m cantilever. This structural gesture causes the house to distance itself from the street and the urbanization, ensuring privacy and complete opening to the views.

The access to the house is from the back through a Mediterranean square paved with local stone and enriched with native vegetation. Once inside, the lounge opens completely to the stunning views, there are no borders between the interior and exterior: you can see the whole valley and the bay of Port Andratx. In the courtyard, the infinity pool complements this feeling, bringing the sea closer to the home. On the ground floor there are the common areas: lounge-dining room, kitchen and an entertainment room. 

The first floor is the "Eagle", the part of the house that "leaves" the mountain and creates that dramatic effect that accompanies the shape of the building. The bedrooms are located here: all with their own terrace. The roof is simply a terrace, another area where you can enjoy the views.

All the floors of the house are connected by a central core with a glass elevator and a floating staircase.

The basement program houses a garage, a gymnasium and a small spa. Thanks to the methacrylate walls in the pool, the light reaches this area, filtered by the water. 

The design of the garden is made with the use of local stone terraces, typical of Mallorcan agriculture, composed also of local vegetation. Along these terraces different paths are created and given the differences in height, squares, which in turn become perfect viewpoints.
The Krion coating provides lightness to the design, reinforcing the concept of the "eagle". The ground floor is mostly glass and walls with ventilated "frozen" glass facades. On the other hand, the basement is covered with the same stone as the mountain, causing an effect of material continuity.

The house is built to the highest standards of sustainability: passive insulation, ventilated facades and total rejection of rainwater and greywater for irrigation. The large project overhangs combined with the position of the house on the hilltop make the house extremely efficient in summer, providing shade and cross ventilation. 

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