New Son Moix

New Son Moix


  • LOCATION: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • DATE: 2009
  • SURFACE: 126.930 m2


The proposal is to maintain the current main covered grandstand where the stadium's facilities are located: changing rooms, offices, VIP boxes and press room, and to demolish the other grandstands in order to build a new ring of bleachers around the existing covered grandstand. In this way, the resulting stadium is a football field without an athletics track that maintains parts of the previous one, and that allows the creation of an annex program of a shopping center and offices, fundamental for the economic viability of the project.

The design is made up of 3 clearly differentiated elements: the football stadium, the baseboard where this stadium rests and the outer ring: the shopping centre.

The new stadium is the whole of the existing indoor grandstand and the new ¨U¨ grandstands that close the stadium against the indoor grandstand. Due to the slope, the northern part of this street is located on the base on which the stadium rests. The façade of the stadium, in addition to protecting against rain and sunshine, is a large red surface, the colours of Mallorca, with a flake geometry that wants to remind the sea. The baseboard on which the stadium rests next to it and the perimeter ring form the large shopping centre, whose centre is a large public space, where fans gather on match day and the rest of the week is used to organise any kind of activity. The commercial ring grows at the northern end varying in height to allow visuals to the stadium, and is composed mostly of glazing.

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