Our KUBIK EXTENSION project in the new edition of MAKEOVER.


The new book by Braun Publishing AG, a specialist in books on architecture, design and urban planning, "MAKEOVER: Conversions and expansions of homes and residential spaces", includes the private villa project of GRAS Reynés Arquitectos, Kubik Extension, together with 100 other projects dedicated to the refurbishment of homes, as examples of architectural design that provide an insight into the wide scope of modernisation and remodelling projects for buildings around the world.

Kubik Extension, designed by our firm GRAS Reynés Arquitectos and located in Palma de Mallorca, is an integral renovation and extension project. Under the client's ideas, our team of architects offers as a solution an exercise of extreme contrast, which emphasizes the contemporary language of the new volumes on the one hand and the classic language of the old building on the other.

The result of this exercise is a series of "steel boxes" that surround and embrace the old house, generating interesting spaces and new programs for housing. In one hand, the volumes in Corten steel stand out for their cubic and abstract form, while they embrace and frame the classic architecture of the existing building, giving it an integral and heterogeneous beauty.



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