The professional magazine Piscinas Hoy of ONE DROP group, dedicated to the design, construction, equipment, installation and maintenance of swimming pools and related topics, has published a very complete and specific article about the swimming pool of our single-family project, Kubik Extension.

Kubik Extension, designed by our architectural office in Mallorca, GRAS Reynés Arquitectos, is a single-family project, located in Palma de Mallorca and with almost 1,000 m2. Its design is based on an idea of extreme contrast between the existing building and the new additions.

The new structure is the result of "steel boxes" that surround and embrace the old house, generating a unique and contemporary combination, which highlights both architectures: on the one hand, the old, classic style with little value, and the volumes, with an abstract and robust style.



Take a look at the article below.

To learn more about Kubik Extension click here.

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