GRAS is a studio that in recent years has been increasingly active in the development of architectural projects. In and out of Spain, GRAS is firmly growing, but this has not stopped us from remaining motivated, competitive and enthusiastic. Therefore, we encourage our team to keep up to date and aware of the competition and the demands of the new world through participation in architectural competitions around the world.

Last year, GRAS had the satisfaction of participating in two competitions in Spain and another one in Thessaloniki, Greece. Although the results have not been favorable for our studio in any of the 3 projects, the experience gained, the fun and the artistic and pragmatic approach that our architects have employed while developing them has been victory enough for us. Congratulations to the winners of all of them, here are our proposals:



SERGUDE CALIDAD encourages the Galician culture, supporting the promotion and image of Galician agricultural, livestock and forestry products.

Take a look at the proposal here: SERGUDE CALIDAD



AGORA 895 recalls the old here and now principle. The now comes from the Galician term agora. The here is the 895, which matches the postal code ending (15895) where the multifunctional center for entertainment, culture and economic promotion aimed at youth and people at risk of social exclusion is located; a number that represents the inhabitants of O Milladoiro and future users of the building. The here and now are keywords of a youth that seeks nothing more than to be in total connection with the present. Be it more or less virtual, more or less physical.

AGORA 895 on the other hand, refers to the old Greek term ágora, a square, a meeting and gathering point. In short, a reference point for a certain social group. And this notion has been a decisive element in the design and development of the proposal.

Take a look at the proposal here: AGORA 895


ALS (The Sea)

αλς (the sea), a term that has been fundamental in the historical and cultural becoming of Greece. Taking the sea as an inception, αλς is rises over the water, as an inverted skyline, an autonomous multi-functional unit crystallized with qualities majorly valued in Greek culture: shadow, horizon, wind, seafront, open space.

Having as its main goal to relink the city and the sea, αλς is bet for a sustainable, functional and marine-oriented urbanism but mainly, for a reference urbanism, that is very respectful of its immediate surroundings, the city of Thessaloniki and the sea.

Take a look at the proposal here: ALS (The Sea)



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