MRA Apartments tops out in Palma de Mallorca


Located on the west side of the island, an area that offers the finest view over the city of Palma de Mallorca, GRAS Reynés Arquitectos' new residential building MRA Apartments tops out.

 © Tomeu Canyellas Photography

Developed for the Real Estate company House by Sanz, the proposed design maximizes the views offered by the location of this plot. Thanks to the sharp inclination of the natural terrain, at the top of Cala Mayor, MRA Apartments revels in the landscape of the Mallorquin coast.

The building is implanted on a narrow plot defined by a strong inclination and the architectural design assembles two piled up and opposing volumes: the traditional and the contemporary.

 © The Craft

The lower levels, with a compact design, represent the traditional according to the primitives of the traditional aesthetics of Mallorca’s architecture. In contrast, the upper levels, constructed by steel and glass, represent the corresponding contemporary part of the two volumes.

 © Tomeu Canyellas Photography

In addition, the main and back facades are also two contrasting elements. The latter, where the private areas of each house are located, is more secluded with smaller windows, to keep privacy and intimacy. Therefore, the main facade offers a complete opening towards the views and the Mediterranean Sea.

 © The Craft

All outdoor areas of the 7 houses located in MRA Apartments are equipped with gardens and swimming pools, adding value to the views and accentuating the privacy and autonomy of their users.

Completion date: September 2023.


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