MRA Apartments breaks ground!


GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio breaks ground on MRA Apartments, a 2.725 m2 residential building located just 300 meter away from the bay of Palma de Mallorca. The 20 metres tall building, assembles two volumes: the traditional and the contemporary, the massive and the light, and, in turn, it empowers the concept of a lighthouse acquired by the building. The completion of this project is expected in 2022.

Renders oficial de MRA Apartments
® MRA Apartments by The Craft

The lower levels, the ones designed according to the primitives of the traditional aesthetic, represent the tower of this lighthouse. The materiality resembles the traditional Mallorquin hillside terraces applied habitually in Balearic Islands in cases of terrains with sharp inclination.  This construction is released according to the traditional practice of gravel walls made by “Santanyi Stone”, a local sand stone. In order to strengthen the equivalent concept, the intermediate volumes are supplanted creating private gardens and terraces for the corresponding residences. At the same time, these gardens perform as an extension of the surrounding natural environment being integrated concurrently into the overall concept.

In contrast, the upper levels, constructed by steel and glass, represent the lantern of the lighthouse and the corresponding contemporary part of the two volumes cited by the concept. Applying an ethereal design formed my light and transparent materials, the volume is expanded attaining the maximum permitted surface and handling uttermost with the aforementioned panoramic views. Replacing compact walls with large windows, any possible boundary between the interior and the exterior space is eliminated following the function and the form of the lantern of the lighthouse. The transparent walls allow the natural illumination and ventilation of the interior space offering concurrently the unconditional amuse of the breathtaking views.

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