Last weekend one of the best clothing brands on the island came to one of our projects, Stone Clubhouse, to create their new catalogue for the 2017 winter season, these are the guys from Mews. Mews is a brand created at the end of 2013, through the friendship and experience of its two founders, as a result of a couple of clothing stores that they own on the island.

We are told that the creation of Mews was a natural movement of the company itself, which saw in the market a space for new designs and different styles of clothing, for urban, current and contemporary people who seek to be well dressed in a casual way. After years of experience in the sector, its two founders, began creating a line of pants, comfortable and affordable designs, they were a success. At that time they intend to extend their creativity not only to a line of pants but also in polos, shirts and some accessories.

After all these years, Mews continues with its philosophy of bringing to the island the most exclusive clothes and designs around the world along with its own clothing designs that are more successful than other brands.

For this brief but intense history, we are proud that a brand born in Mallorca chooses our project Stone Clubhouse to make the new season presentation.

GRAS Reynés Arquitectos would like to tell you some other details about the Stone Clubhouse. This project consisted in the construction of a building for a golf club, for the client Nova Santa Ponça Golf. Stone Clubhouse is located in the Golf Santa Ponça II, Mallorca, and has an area of 500 square meters.

One of the objectives was to create a unique space that would serve as a meeting center for its members, so our architects decided that a large space would be a suitable solution to provide room for that interaction. The structure is made up of 4 large spaces that together form a central square. This square opens completely to the landscape in all directions: the façade between the volumes is made of glass so that from the square the landscape is framed and visuals are generated to the surrounding nature in all directions.

In terms of the materials used, GRAS Reynés Arquitectos continues in the line of integration in the environment and in the use of noble materials that are used in the area for years. That is why our team decided that "rock" would be the majority material throughout the project. It is important to note that this type of rock is typical of the area of Santanyí and very popular in construction throughout the island of Mallorca. This material is not only used in the facades but also in the roofs, offering a homogeneity in the form of skin that surrounds the whole structure.



We invite you to have a look at Stone Clubhouse and the great photos of our friends Mews

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