LIO MALLORCA. A new venue at the iconic Tito's building in Palma de Mallorca.


Tito's, an iconic Palma City nightclub, now Lío Mallorca, has been renovated by GRAS Reynés Arquitectos and Lázaro Rosa-Violán. The project honors its 1950s dinner show legacy. The circular layout encompasses decks around a central stage, anchored by a striking circular staircase. Intimate and mysterious interiors, dominated by mirrored walls and natural stones, highlight performances. The transformation breathes new life into the historic nightlife architectura icon.

© Zhivko Stoyanov

The nightclub has always been a fiercely creative and radical architectural typology.

Tito’s was the oldest club in Palma City, and one of the oldest in Europe. Opened in the 30's as an outdoor dinner concert hall and became a must go location in the island. The touristic boom of 1950 and 1960 was Tito’s golden age.

GRAS Reynés Arquitectos together with interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán designed the new Lío in Mallorca for the Pacha Group.

Axonometric view of the renovated building.

Lío Mallorca gives a new life to such an icon and goes back to the roots of the business offering again, as in the 1950´s, a cabaret-dinner show. In order to achieve this comeback, the goal was to bring back that soul and turn the existing club space of the building into the theatre it used to be.

GRAS Reynés Arquitectos returns to its emblematic structure, although, it was not possible to restore the motorized window system, instead, large windows were installed.

Tito's in 1930. An outdoor diner concert hall.

Before the “Passeig Marítim” existed (Palma’s waterfront) the hall had been built on top of a cliff and the only access was the Plaza Gomila. Its huge terrace overlooked the bay of Palma, with views of the city, the Mediterranean Sea and the Cathedral. As it was an open-air hall, on rainy days and with bad weather the show had to be suspended.

For many years it was the meeting point for many locals, who wanted to take a swim in that cliff.

During the day, Plaza Gomila was like a small village within the city, a small but compact centre of life.

Plaça Gomila in 1960.

In its first 50 years, the nightclub became a reference point for dinner with a show, thus initiating the "club culture" and, little by little, singers, celebrities and music groups from different eras passed through the venue, from Shirley Bassey to Ray Charles among other great artists, becoming known as "Little Vegas".

In 1985, following successive changes in ownership and social habits, the profitability of the business declined. In response to the demand for a commercial approach aimed at young people, a new project was designed, giving priority to new access along the waterfront.

Lío Mallorca next to Plaça Gomila.

In 2023, with a Plaza Gomila recently brought back to life by GRAS Reynés Arquitectos and MVRDV, thanks to the creation of a set of buildings with their own character, both inside and out, with their colour, their scale, their avant-garde and contemporary lines and their diversity, the PACHÁ Group, through its brand Lío, has joined us to restore the nightclub with the same goal: to recover its initial essence or, in other words, to return it to its iconic use as a dinner-show and nightclub.

The foundation of GRAS Reynés Arquitectos' design was the renovation of the building, taking advantage of its avant-garde structure from the 1960s, both inside and out. The project was challenging due to the theatre-like structure around the main stage, the two lifts and the soundproofing.

© Zhivko Stoyanov

On the outside, mostly a “cleaning operation” removing all the additions from the last 2 decades and bringing the building as close as possible to the last reform from 1980 with the iconic elevators, the roof totem and the curved roof with the curtain wall to the views.

The panoramic glass lifts have been replaced by identical replicas of the originals, a nod to the exclusivity of the "good old days" brought back.

We have returned the building to its original architectural essence, a spectacular design with a unique, iconic and avant-garde approach. Outside, a clear, clean, heavenly concept. The interiors, an intense and passionate atmosphere, a sophisticatedly hellish design.

Axonometric diagram of the circular bowl.

On the inside, the levels of the club are modified into a series of decks around the main scenario, which is located by the main window framing the Cathedral. Those decks overlook the show and make the perfect experience to both have dinner and see a show. The new plan is a perfect circular bowl around the scenario where all the levels are connected through small stairs, where planters are strategically located.

The only disruptive element in the space is the main circular staircase that connects the access level at the second floor with the main floor at ground level. The access experience through the elevators is extended with this staircase once the guest enters the building. A central piece of mirror and plants to lead the guests to their tables.

Interior Design © Lázaro Rosa-Violá

The materials, appearance and atmosphere of the interior are just a complement to the show: focus must go to the artists and the music.  All the space is painted or clad in an ochre dark color with mirrored walls, wall papers, plants and natural stones. A mysterious late-night atmosphere is created. The bathrooms, one on each floor, are unisex with a central water feature.

We have also taken care of the acoustic comfort inside and outside and the integration of the audio-visual proposal.

Lío Mallorca a new life for an historic night life architectural icon.

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