GRAS Reynés Architects finalist in the World Architecture Festival 2017.


The WAF is held every year to share and inspire exceptional architecture. It is a unique event where architects present their finished and future projects  live to a panel of internationally renowned judges.

This year, not only one, but TWO completed projects by GRAS Reynés Architects have been finalists: WHERE EAGLES DARE, in the Built Buildings category: Villas, and TENNIS TERRACES, in the Built Buildings: Sports category.

Both projects, among others, represent a milestone in the history of GRAS, both with their challenges and difficulties, and we are very proud that among so many splendid projects, ours have received this recognition.



I invite you to take a look at both projects:

•   Where Eagles Dare   •   Tennis Terraces   •

and, of course, read the full summary of the ceremony by clicking here:

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