Andratx Horizons

Andratx Horizons


  • LOCATION: Andratx, Mallorca, Spain
  • PROGRAM:  Housing
  • SIZE: 2160,09 m2
  • STATUS: In process
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez, Elena Gil, Mayca Sánchez, Marianna Dionysopoulou, Dovile Liaudanskyte, Filip Szafalowicz



Four private houses on the coast of Andratx.

The parcel, a steep slope towards the sea, provides a fabulous lookout to the bay of Camp de Mar and the horizon.

“Andratx Horizons” intents to create a concept of 4 parcels by exploring the relation between the sea, the cliff, the forest and the sky. The parcel can be looked at as a series of lines or stratifications in the landscape.

Can the houses form a part of the system, form a line, a one more horizon? This is a starting point of the proposed project- to understand the houses as new horizons of the coast of Andratx.

It intents to take the most advantage of the natural potential of the position, by framing the landscapes and embracing the
nature. Each situation of the parcel has a different response to the concept, but always between the borders of the system. 2
big slabs, horizons, are implanted in the topography creating the base of the project. From there different programs are
developed, sometimes between the slabs, and other times above or below them.

With this system have been created 4 houses, each one of them different but they share the same idea: in search of the best view and the best orientation maximising the exterior spaces, terraces and patios and their relationship with the interior.

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