2 Rocks

2 Rocks


  • LOCATION: Pollensa, Mallorca, Spain
  • CLIENT: Domenech
  • PROGRAM:  Housing
  • SIZE: 600m2
  • STATUS: finalized
  • TEAM:  Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez



The surrounding landscape is decisive in the design of the villas:  a sloped plot in a rocky landscape, facing south with magnificent views of the Port of Pollensa and its surroundings. 

2 Situations: one to the front, to the sea and sun, and another at the back, to the mountains of Pollensa, very characteristic mountains in their aspect, very rocky and without trees. The units are design as if they were two rocks in this mountain, pierced and open to the south, to the bay. The materiality of these, in reinforced concrete grayish and textured like the surrounding rocks, help to integrate the houses into the landscape.

In order to guarantee the views, the programme is resolved by placing the living room area on the first floor and the bedrooms on the ground floor. This contradictory situation is resolved by accessing and distributing the house throught a middle level, coiled around a courtyard. In this way, the fact of going up and down is resolved around the courtyard as in the classic Mallorcan houses. 

The patio is a fundamental element for climate control of the house, as it allows cross ventilation. All programs run around the yard: on the first floor: the living room, dining room and library, and on the ground floor the bedrooms and service area. A large overhang protects the living area from direct sunlight and provides a large terrace overlooking the sea and the town of Pollensa.

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