Zaragoza Station

Zaragoza Station


  • LOCATION: AVE Station, Zaragoza, Spain
  • FECHA: 2007
  • CLIENT: Zaragoza City Council
  • SIZE: 150 m2


The project for block 5 of the Zaragoza station's special plan is marked by a clear geometry that gives little room for manoeuvre in terms of volumetry and programme.
Accepting a commercial base related to the station square, an office base with a built-in tower is placed on top of it: an office building and two stone blocks of flats land on top of it, each with a well defined concept.

This simple exercise provides a starting point for developing the project. 
 The next step is to maximize the housing programs to make empty spaces, patios in the offices. In this way, several things are achieved: the plinth is dematerialized to obtain light and ventilation in offices and even in the commercial area. The office tower is also lightened with open spaces, courtyards that give extra quality to the offices.
A third exercise is the materiality, a very light glazed base of shops and offices holding 2 stones, stone blocks of houses.

With these exercises you can achieve a visually very attractive set of exercises and a great efficiency in m2 by maximizing the homes and getting m2 to make courtyards for the offices to function as such: 3x1

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