Oficinas SA&C

Oficinas SA&C


  • LOCATION: Madrid, Spain
  • CLIENT: Private
  • PROGRAM:  Offices
  • SIZE: 140 m2 
  • STATUS: Completed
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez, Iria Gámez



SA&C, a lawyers firm from Madrid, decided to move their headquarters to a central location in the city. The program demanded by the client required a lot of compartmentation, with many meeting rooms and workstations. The original space had a very complicated geometry: fractured and with almost no natural light.

GRAS proposed a different approach to a typical division of an office space, which would have led to corridors and small dark spaces. With just two elements, a curved glass wall and a thick wooden library, all the space gets defined. The library, an extension of the existing structural wall, divides the main areas of the office: the executive area and the administrative part; The glass " snake" flows along the both areas creating the different zones demanded by the program.

With this very simple exercise, the master wall as a natural separation, but upgrading it with the library-storage, and the curved glass running along the whole office, all the program is solved while keeping a continuous open space that visually enlarges the office, which has a very limited size. The basic rules and objectives of the project are achieved with this strategy: keep an open, continuous space, no waste of space and bring the natural light from the facade and the patio to all the areas.

The materialization of the project si very simple, following the two main elements of the design:

The glass offers transparencies, reflections and therefore expands the space.

The dark oak library, as a counterpoint, gives "weight", empowerment and tranquility to the executive areas where the CEO and the main meeting room are located.

The final result is a continuous space, but nuanced with the different areas created with the curved glass , with no corridors and with natural light reaching the last corner.

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