Bring the delta back to the city

Bring the delta back to the city


  • LOCATION: Rijeka, Croatia
  • CLIENT: Port of Rijeka Authority
  • PROGRAM: Ubanism
  • SIZE: 319.400 m2
  • STATUS: Project
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Jana Culek



As a first planning decision, the soul of the Rje?ina river and it´s Delta, are brought back to the city. The delta, present days mainly an industrial old waste ground, is turned into a delta-green-central-park for the whole city.

This green central park is transformed into an “urban delta” implementing all the needed program and infrastructure. Landscape is designed according to the river, fluvial essence of the place. The delta and river corridor become a new natural landscape in the city.

The implementation of the built program in the Delta area is done following some very clear ideas and concepts that encourage the main idea of bringing the delta back to the city, and turning it into a connection opportunity between both sides of the river Rjecina:

  • The program is “pushed to the sea”, to the boundaries of the plot, in order to extend the waterfront and get more Perimeter for direct views to the sea.
  • All the program runs in one built line, minimizing the infrastructure: only 1 new road is needed: a Linear neighborhood all around the delta.
  • The building line connects the consolidated west part of the city with the east part, recovering the buildings on that side and proposing to turn them into a non industrial use.
  • The main grid of the city is followed making very clear and easy connections: circulation and visual.
  • Due to the extension of the buildings at the boundary of the Delta, the central area becomes free.
  • Public buildings are planned at the main locations of the plan, at the edges: 
  1. An aquarium at the east corner, with a green accessible roof that continues the park and overlooks the sea: a balcony, viewpoint to the sea and islands.
  2.  A big urban plaza at the west where a hotel and a congress hall gather around: the gate to Porto Baros; At the western end of the area, and linked to the square a marina-yacht club is planned with all the nautical and leisure offer of Porto Baros;
  3. Following the yacht club to the west, a new leisure-touristic harbor is designed.
  • Porto Baros planning strategy comes together with the Delta and basically consists on opening up the area:
  1. The streets leading to the waterfront north-south are opened and car traffic is removed.
  2. The market axis is improved by creating an open air market-plaza at the end of the axis, close to the waterfront thus removing the existing stalls blocking the streets towards the waterfront.
  3. Old buildings are removed at the east part to create a big open plaza.
  4. The old ware house is turned into a cultural building (possibly a maritime industry museum) with related purposes, opened to the waterfront, creating an outdoor cultural space that echoes the industrial past.


“BRING THE DELTA BACK TO THE CITY” is a vision for XXIst century Rijeka; A new sustainable Urban Delta, in connection with Porto Baros, brings the nature and re-connects the city removing borders.

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