• LOCATION: Thessaloniki, Greek
  • PROGRAM: Urban Planning Competition
  • SIZE: 400.000 m2
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Iria Gámez Couso, Marco García Medrano, Klaudia Sandecka, Xeni Dimoka and Zuzanna Cieslewicz
  • STATUS: Competition



αλς (the sea), a term that has been fundamental in the historical and cultural becoming of Greece. Taking the sea as an inception, αλς is rises over the water, as an inverted skyline, an autonomous multi-functional unit crystallized with qualities majorly valued in Greek culture: shadow, horizon, wind, seafront, open space.

Having as its main goal to relink the city and the sea, αλς is bet for a sustainable, functional and marine-oriented urbanism but mainly, for a reference urbanism, that is very respectful of its immediate surroundings, the city of Thessaloniki and the sea.

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