Es Verger

Es Verger

  • LOCATION: Esporles, Mallorca, Spain
  • PROGRAM: Private Villa
  • SIZE: 200 m2 
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez, Alejandro Domingo Leal
  • IMAGES: Tomeu Canyellas


Es Verger is encountered in a unique location, a rugged natural setting surrounded by the forest. The conceptual root of the project is based on the observation and understanding of this environment; we sought to reinterpret an area of peace and tranquility while respecting the building traditions of the surroundings.

Prior to the refurbishment, the interior of the house reflected an outdated way of living: useless corridors, poor ventilation, common spaces completely isolated from the outside. The renovation project seeks to integrate the context and be part of it, maintaining the close contact with all the surrounding elements.

Therefore, the living room is designed as an extension of the context, with large windows and natural colors that blur the boundaries between inside and outside. The kitchen connects the public area of the living room with the main terrace with the back terrace and the forest, thus creating a meeting point between both spaces. On the other hand, the bedrooms, two on the ground floor and the master bedroom on the upper floor, are also designed following this line of warm tones and with natural materials from which you can appreciate the views of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The design takes full advantage of natural light and ventilation. The construction process follows local customs: maintaining the facades and recovering the existing wooden beams in the building, installing Mallorcan blinds and ceramic tile flooring traditional to Mallorcan architecture.

The whole project reflects the Mediterranean outdoor lifestyle, where the interior spaces, terraces and balconies maximize the experience by bringing nature into the routine of its users.



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