Hotel Torviscas

Hotel Torviscas


  • LOCATION: Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain
  • CLIENT: Iberostar
  • PROGRAM: Hotels
  • SIZE: 40.206 m2
  • ROOMS: 472
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Jesús González, Ainhoa Tapia, Iria Gámez, Xim Barceló, Filip Szafalowicz, Eleni Oikonomaki, Tamás Samu
  • PHOTOS: J. Taltavull, Ainhoa Tapia



The premise in the development of this project was the extension and complete refurbishment of the former Torviscas Hotel in Tenerife with 472 rooms, turning it into a category 5* hotel.

On the one hand, the extension included the creation of a vertical axis that would allow accessibility between the floors -2, -1 and the ground floor. This was the biggest intervention, since there was no area that communicated these three floors, so that a staircase was created, covered in wood and spiral-shaped.

On the other hand, the landscape and the colors that reign in the Canary Islands inspire the integral reform. The intention of GRAS Reynés Arquitectos was to create an interior design that would last over time, that would not go out of fashion and with which anyone could feel comfortable. For this purpose, warm materials and colors were used, such as wood and earth colors, and refreshing colors that allude to the sea.

The entrance is an approximation to the Canary coasts, the wood representing the sand, the floors in white stoneware tiles, the sea in the tiles of the lobby bar and represented in the furniture. For the technological zone, the volcanoes inspire the shape of the main table chosen, by the irregularity of their curves. In the market area, the same decorative line continues to be used and an epochal tone is added to the cladding of the stalls that recalls the gastronomic markets of yesteryear.

Finally, in all rooms, the latticework is used as a thread through the hotel. From the façades covered in latticework, through the reception, the lobby bar, and continuing outwards: the latticework, the sea and the sand are the common concepts present in most of the design.

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