Hotel Chamartín

Hotel Chamartín


  • LOCATION: Madrid, Spain
  • CLIENT: Private
  • PROGRAM:  Hotel
  • SIZE: 1.600 m2 
  • STATUS: Design
  • TEAM: Guillermo Reynés, Álvaro Pérez, Xim Barceló, Iria Gámez



The new distribution of the elevation 13.35 of the Chamartín Hotel expands the concept "Plaza Mayor" in its interior.

We are looking for an open and dynamic plant typology, capable of adapting to all functional needs and assuming the simultaneity of different activities and user requirements. We individually encapsulate the catalogue of programmatic situations and use these boxes as a strategy to generate a partitionless space. Now the access, the bar, the terrace or the viewpoint break static limits and, at the same time, introduce the city into our square.

The closed boxes are supported on the façade and have a high degree of privacy. These are the living rooms and, on the inside façade, the private dining room. The open boxes (glass shelves) are related to the green spaces, reflecting and introducing natural light and vegetation into the square. The central box of eroded edges is check-in, information, access. The Bar has its own box for the cellar, closed and discreet.

Topography creates elevated heights by removing the false ceiling and rearranging the passage of ducts. The height grows in the areas of most movement and user flow. Finding the maximum point in the bar and the vault above the terrace access. In the living rooms, this maximum height is blurred and can be identified by the light domes that diffuse the ceiling and soften the atmosphere.

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