Hotel Bohemia

Hotel Bohemia


  • LOCATION: Gran Canaria, Spain
  • CLIENT: Private
  • PROGRAM:  Hotels
  • SIZE: 7 346m2
  • STATUS: Finalized


The old hotel Apolo, a building from the eary 70´s is turned into a 5* luxury design hotel: Hotel Bohemia.

Gras Arquitectos together with Pia Schmid have brought to a reality the dream of the owner:

A new 360 restaurant lands on the top of the building providing stunning views towards the dunes of Mas Palomas. It becomes the new landmark of the area, an extraordinary viewpoint.

The gardens and pools recreate the canarian landscape: traditional stone walls frame the different spaces creating ponds and pools and different areas for the vegetation. The hotel offers 67 rooms in 3 different categories together with 3 restaurant concepts.


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