Rose Arena

Rose Arena


  • LOCATION: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • CLIENT: Government of Bulgaria
  • SIZE: 185.458 m2
  • STATUS: Project
  • TEAM: GRAS arquitectos, Guillermo Reynés with Alvaro Pérez, Akos Csécsei, Anja Lieske and Miguel Salvá


How to combine identity, visibility with the ambition of a national stadium? 
The structural challenge of covering the large space that a football field requires is the architectural answer to this requirement conceptual: A large structure of vaults inspired directly from the Sofia Cathedral, not only do they cover the space of the countryside, but they also make it unique.

The football stadium itself is for 40,000 spectators: two amphitheatres with an intermediate ring of VIP areas and services. The great novelty of the proposal is that the cover itself of the stadium extends and hosts other uses as a shopping mall, as an entertainment center, as a conventions, among others.

This structure is developed on 3 levels of vaults. Natural light penetrates through the eyes that are leaving these vaults. In the same way the material of the vaults is changing depending on the program being developed underneath, from the crown gilding to the the glass in the lower areas.

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