A great Roman fresco is found in the basement of Pont i Vic


The archaeological remains found in the basement of the multi-family project Pont i Vic, in the old town of Palma de Mallorca, have been of interest in the new weekly issue of the Catalan newspaper Ara Balears.

Segments of structural walls and hundreds of fragments corresponding to a fresco in Pompeian high-imperial style have been found in the excavation work carried out in the new project by GRAS Reynés Arquitectos, Pont i Vic, over the past few months, to which are added hundreds of fragments of amphoras dated around 50 AD, kitchen and dish containers, animal bones and some shells. Finally, although no burial has been found, one of the most curious discoveries is a Roman articulated doll arm made of cut and polished bone. It is known that in ancient times children were buried with their toys.




Have a look at this article by Cristina Ros, with information provided by archaeologists in charge of the work Jordi Hernández-Gasch, Sebastián Munar and Pablo Galera, in the latest issue of the Catalan newspaper Ara Balears: www.arabalears.cat

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