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On this occasion, we would like to share with you a new publication about the interior design of Villa 1 from Cap Adriano, carried out by our colleagues from Terraza Balear, in the Arquitectura&Diseño magazine.

This magazine, focused on the latest news and creations of the most renowned architects and designers in the world, has dedicated a full article to the interior design carried out in Villa Nº1 of the residential complex designed by our team of architects from Mallorca, Cap Adriano.


Cap Adriano Residences

The project contemplates a mix of typologies: single-family dwellings and an apartment block.

The building of 10 apartments is located in the upper part of the plot, in the second line, but with sufficient height to “oversee” the 9 single-family dwellings, which are developed along the coast, in the first line and with private access to the sea.

The single-family houses echo the traditional Mallorcan Mediterranean patio house, a long heritage starting with the roman Domus. The inspiration comes both from the geometry of the house and the use of material. The house is designed to maximise the interior-exterior relation, extending the use of covered terraces and outdoor spaces, as well as a big central patio, the heart of the house. The patio organises the whole house, extending the spaces and creating a different outdoor space, intimate, relaxed and that works both as a winter sheltered outdoor area (the plot can be windy in Winter) and as a natural summer ventilation element.

The 2 typologies of dwellings, buildings and villas create with their design a restored landscape, becoming a new and unique residential complex of first category.



Read more about the article by clicking here: Arquitectura&Diseño

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