Cap Adriano, a prestigious place.


In another new edition of the abcMallorca magazine, our Cap Adriano residential project once again has a privileged place.


Cap Adriano is one of our most ambitious projects, as it is considered a unique Residential Complex. First of all, the natural environment of the plot, a unique location in the Mediterranean, which was the starting point for the design of the project, as well as the special attention to detail that provides both beauty and elegance.


The whole complex has been made with materials from the island of Mallorca and special care has been taken to the surrounding landscape, with the intention of maximizing these spectacular views. Each villa has been individually planned and designed around a Majorcan-style courtyard, and the location of the apartment block at the top of the plot with its large windows from the ceiling to the floor provides it with views of the Mediterranean Sea.


For all the reasons above, Cap Adriano is one of our most important projects, one of which we are proud and excited about.



GRAS Reynés  Arquitectos invites you to learn about the project by clicking here: Cap Adriano, and of course, take a look at the publication made by abcMallorca magazine.


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