Skaiste Vaivadaite


1988, Klaipeda, LT

During the studies and work in the field of architecture, Skaiste has participated in various international and national competitions, has collaborated in developing and executing projects in architecture and in implementing interior design projects.

In 2018 completed the Master study programme of Architecture in Vilnius Gediminas Technical  University (VGTU) and was awarded Master qualification degree of Architect (MArch).

Spring 2017 studied the Master study programme of Architecture at the University of Lisbon as the participant of the Erasmus exchange programme.

2012- 2016 after the internship during studies Skaiste worked as an architect and interior designer in a few different architecture studios in Lithuania. 
Her role as an employee was included to the projects from the initial design stage to the very completion.

 In 2012 completed the study programme of Architecture in Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA) and was awarded, 
Bachelor qualification degree of Architect (BArch).

In 2010 awarded the Letter of commendation for the creativity of final thesis 
'I.E.A.A. (International experimental art action spaces at the former Klaipeda wood factory)'

In 2010 completed the study programme of Interior Design in Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA). 
Studies lasted 4 years and were awarded Bachelor qualification degree of Fine Arts (BFA). 

 In 2006 completed the art and design basics course also a piano course in Klaipeda Eduardas Balsys Gymnasium of Arts. 
The courses were combined with secondary education. Duration was 12 years.

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