Irene Sergiou


1996, Nicosia, CY

Irene has completed her five-year studies, receiving her Bachelor of Architecture and Diploma in Architecture from Department of Architecture - University of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Her first contact with a working environment was during her studies in 2017, as a work placement trainee of the office E.P Architects, for a few months as part of a mandatory university course.

As soon as she graduated in 2019, she started practicing in order to become a licensed Architect, and part of this process was her five-month-internship at GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio, under the ERASMUS+ program.

On her final year of studies, Irene received the Best Thesis Award (from University of Nicosia-Department of Architecture), with the topic “Representation Tools – Redefinitions of Perception”, examining how did the invention of perspective as a tool change the definition, understanding and visualization of built space.

She is always willing to learn more and get improved, being open to new experiences, education, and travelling.

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