Enrique Juan Garrido


1992, Mallorca, ES

Enrique graduated from ETSABarcelona in 2016. During his degree’s last years he did different courses such as theatrical improvisation, really interesting to improve the development of the speaking specially in public or an educational coaching course, introducing architecture to the first year architecture students and training them during their first months of the academic degree. As a hobby, Enrique took part and won different competitions related to graphic design and in 2016 he started a personal project called Arquitrán and published comic character illustrations where the architecture is shown innocently. In 2017 he finished the Master with honours in the final project, which was exposed for the bicentennial of the college in the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia) in Barcelona along with other outstanding projects of the last decades. He started at GRAS in 2017 working for the renovation of IBEROSTAR Sábila Hotel in Tenerife.

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