MONTECORVO ECOCITY in TERTULIAS NYC, a new series of programs organized by Ana María Torres in collaboration with The Architectural League NY.


Tertulias NYC, a new series of programs that will take place at the Architectural League in New York City, announces two upcoming meetings to investigate the latest innovations in the world of Spanish architecture, urban planning and sustainability.

In this sense, Guillermo Reynés, our director, will share and discuss the progress of the Eco-city of Montecorvo, a carbon neutral community where residents will only use solar and wind energy generated on site. Stretching along a winding line across two small mountains, the Eco-city will include 3,000 housing units (built to accommodate around 130,000 residents), as well as schools, shops, sports facilities and recreational areas. Construction will begin in 2013 and, once completed, the Eco-city will be a valuable testing ground for sustainable urban planning strategies.



Read more about the project here: Montecorvo EcoCity

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