Director Guillermo Reynés as chairman of the jury of Baumit's Life Challenge 2022 Awards in Valencia


© Tomeu Canyellas Photography

On May 19th, will be held in Valencia, Spain, the Life Challenge 2022 awards organized by Baumit. Our director, architect Guillermo Reynés Vázquez-Rovira, will have the pleasure of chairing a jury composed of 12 other architects from all over Europe in this new award ceremony.

Architect director and founder of GRAS Reynés Arquitectos, Guillermo leads a young firm with great projection in the field of architecture and urban design. In 2008, the studio won the international competition for the new Ecocity in Montecorvo (Logroño, Spain). A highlight for GRAS that gave international attention to the firm. Recently, in 2018, Guillermo was awarded with the 40 UNDER 40 Europe Design Award, being considered as one of the 40 best emerging architects in Europe.

Life Challenge – The Competition

In 2014 in Vienna, Baumit introduced the Life Challenge awards for the first time, a ceremony aimed to honor the potential offered by plaster and its combination with different materials, textures, shapes and colors. This is Europe’s largest color program for the façade.

More information about the awards here.

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