GRAS Reynés Arquitectos Ambassador of the Mallorca Preservation Foundation


We live in a world where the impact of our actions is visible and dramatic. It is important to raise awareness and act. GRAS Reynés Arquitectos has decided to help and contribute under their limited possibilities to the preservation of our environment to maintain and improve if possible, the natural values that surround us. In order to achieve this GRAS has decided to join and support the Mallorca Preservation Foundation and become one of its ambassadors.

Mallorca Preservation Foundation aims to preserve the beauty and environmental quality of the Mallorca island. Among its activities, includes the creation of maritime protection areas, sustainable agriculture and landscape protection, the defense of our endangered species and their habitats, as well as the efficient use of resources (energy, water and waste).

GRAS Reynés Arquitectos, a studio focused on the development and integral execution of architectural projects, locally, nationally and internationally, tries to raise the quality of life of their users and improve the perception of the architect’s role, through an ethical practice, and also respectful of the environment.

That is why, together with other passionate and committed ambassadors, we have taken the decision to actively support the Mallorca Presevation Foundation in projects such as "Mallorca Produce – Food Emergency", “Mare” y “Promoting the use of bioplastic in agriculture”.


Mallorca Produce – Food Emergency

In places like Mallorca, whose economy is heavily dependent on tourism, COVID and the global pandemic crisis have greatly impacted local production.

In order to help with this problematic, Mallorca Presevation Foundation raises funds to buy surplus fresh products from our local organic farmers and donate them to the Tardor Association.


Getting to know the richness that is concealed under the sea is essential for understanding its benefits and participating actively in its conservation.

MARE is an initiative that supports marine conservation through creativity and the promotion of visual arts from an ethical perspective. MARE proposes an immersion into the Balearic Sea by means of a competition with photography, video and photo reportage as its main artistic disciplines.

Proyecto para reducir el plástico en agricultura

Since mid-century, the use of plastic has been very useful to suppress the weeds and conserve the water in crop production and landscaping. As they are not degradable, these plastics ends-up in landfills or is buried in soil.

Mallorca Preservation Foundation has decided to support APAEMA to arrange a joint purchase of bioplastic (made from potato starch) for mulching.



For more information about Mallorca Presevation Foundation click on this link:

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