First Cap Adriano Villa finished!


The Private Villas of Cap Adriano echo the traditional Mallorcan Mediterranean patio house, a long heritage starting with the roman Domus. The inspiration comes both from the geometry of the house and the use of material. The house is designed to maximise the interior-exterior relation, extending the use of covered terraces and outdoor spaces, as well as a big central patio, the heart of the house. The patio organises the whole house, extending the spaces and creating a different outdoor space, intimate, relaxed and that works both as a winter sheltered outdoor area (the plot can be windy in Winter) and  as a natural summer ventilation element.

The villas are very big, and therefore a similar strategy to the building is needed in order to minimise impact. The house is exploded in different pieces, volumes, of different natural materials, as if they were a collection of Mallorcan architectures. All together, set around the patio, make the house, and the scale perception is visually reduced. The different materials come from the local tradition but set out in a contemporary way: “Piedra Seca” stone, a local limestone, the same used in the retaining garden walls, “Santanyi Stone”, a local sand stone, and White render, typical from the coastal areas. Every house is different depending on the material arrangement of the different pieces.

Green roofs are crucial for the project, not just as a design feature of the houses; they are the key to recover the green footprint of the plot and the landscape restoration. The roofs are planted with Mediterranean local plants, seeds recovered from the plot. The green roofs become hanging gardens that connect to the landscape, and down again to the sea with the stone terraces, marges, creating the continuous nature, the initial challenge of the Project.

Sustainability is guaranteed through the architectural design, based on the passivhaus concept: continuous insulation on the outside of the facade, green roofs and local traditional wisdom: patios for natural cross ventilation and cantilevers providing shade.

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