Café Camaleon wins German Design Awards 2023


Café Camaleon, a design by GRAS Reynés Arquitectos together with MVRDV and local architect Laura V Rave for the ground floor of the Casa Camper Berlin won the 2023 German Design Awards in Excellent Architecture and Interior Architecture categories.

Café Camaleon. ©MVRDV+GRAS

The project uses a colour gradient that serves as a strong visual motif to organise the interior, creating a flexible space that could adapt throughout the day to take advantage of synergies between the three functions. Though the three areas operate very differently, they all share one necessary element: a counter for interacting with customers. The main feature of the space is therefore a single, 18-metre-long counter serving all three functions. Facing the street, a 12-metre-long openable glass façade creates a clear, welcoming connection.

The distinctive red, white, and brown colour gradient “gives the ambience an unmistakable identity as well as a high degree of recognition” said the jury.

Café Camaleon. ©MVRDV+GRAS

Having announced the jury’s selections, the German Design Awards is now open for public voting, with registered users able to select up to five of their favourite projects from among the award winners. You can vote for Café Camaleon here.

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