GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio at the Public Architecture-Future for Europe exhibition in Russia


©European Cultural Centre - Russia

GRAS Reynés Arquitectos is pleased to announce the participation of the office in the "Public Architecture- Future for Europe" exhibition organized by the European Cultural Centre – Russia in collaboration with ECC - Italy, which also organizes exhibitions in the Venice architecture Biennale .

The exhibition will take place at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow, Russia, and aims to portray actual public architecture with built projects, projects under construction and even dream projects of public architecture in Europe.

There will be approximately 40 architects from all over the world, who are sincerely concerned about urban development, innovations and environmental issues, showing their ideas, thoughts and concerns about current and future architecture. The exhibition will be a space for reflexion and dialogue.

Following this line of thought, the Mallorca based architecture studio, GRAS Reynés Arquitectos, together with other international institutions and architects, will participate in this event and will do so with GRASHOOD, an installation showing  how a collection of  GRAS private projects, from different locations, scales and budgets put together in a plot, create a small piece of public architecture, a neighbourhood, a community. 

GRASHOOD wants to put the focus not on the public building-architecture, but on the neighbourhood, the community, and how through quality private architecture, a good and quality planning can be achieved. Private architecture is 99% of the architecture produced in the world, therefore it is the responsible of the cities we live in and has an important role in the future of the European cities.

Public Architecture - Future for Europe” runs from January 30th at 19hs in the Schusev State Museum of Architecture located in the very center of the Russian capital, Moscow, until May 10th, 2020.




For more information, follow this link: Museo Estatal de Arquitectura Schusev

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