Anniversary of Cap Adriano!


Only a year after the opening of Cap Adriano, the multi-family project of GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio, we can now finally appreciate the significant changes and reconstruction of the natural surroundings where this project is located.


®Tomeu Canyellas for GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio

As a company philosophy, GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio aims to offer the least possible environmental impact as a design solution and to recover the natural footprint of the plot with autochthonous vegetation and planted roofs, while at the same time using energy-saving resources.

Cap Adriano Mallorca is no exception to this rule, and a year after its opening, we can see how nature resurfaces and embraces the buildings.

The project includes a mix of typologies: single-family villas and apartments in a residential complex that was conceived to maximise the commercial value of the residences seeking balance with the natural values of the plot.

®Tomeu Canyellas for GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio

The apartments block is located in the upper part of the plot, in second line, and the villas, in first line, whose planted roofs connect with the gardens between the building and the villas and therefore extend the green footprint to the sea, as the original landscape.

Rethinking the traditional Mallorcan architecture, the ground floor of the apartment block is designed as if it were a large natural stone fence, a large "marge", seeking continuity towards the terraces of the garden itself until reaching the villas.


®Tomeu Canyellas para GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio

The villas echo the traditional Mallorcan Mediterranean patio house both geometrically and in its materiality. The main volume is  is exploded in different volumes of different natural materials, as if they were a collection of Mallorcan architectures: dry stone, which is brought into the houses, Santanyí stone and white facades. Their morphology is conceived to maximise the interior-exterior connection, including large terraces and balconies, as well as a big central patio that organises and enlarges the houses.



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