Stadium Crown of Septiemvri

Stadium Crown of Septiemvri

LOCATION: Sofia, Bulgaria
CLIENT: Government of Bulgaria
SIZE: 106.163 m2
STATUS: Project
TEAM: GRAS arquitectos, Guillermo Reynés and Alvaro Pérez, with Akos Csécsei, Anja Lieske and Miguel Salvá

Stadium Crown of Septiemvri Project

In the old site of the Olympic Stadium of Septiemvri, now a park where its remains are located, a new small football stadium is proposed, with 15,000 spectators, along with a range of basic football sports, sports facilities and commercial, residential and office developments.

The current site is a sporty "green island" in the middle of a high-density neighbourhood with perimeter buildings on more than 15 floors. The main concept of the proposal is to preserve and enhance the green island character. This way the new football stadium is located in the same place as the old one and in parallel 2 more football fields are proposed for training.

All the land is built with the exception of these 3 football fields, which, reiterating the concept of an island, function as courtyards within the built mass. The roof of the building has a very low slope that goes down to street level, creating the possibility of going through it in its entirety, creating an urban park where the previous park used to be: no park area is lost as it is recovered on the roof. Around these fields, and at a height, commercial and pedestrian activities are developed in such a way as to create an artificial "valley of sport" in the heart of Sofia.

The built mass rises in the corners and creates these volumes that embrace and collect the park with the soccer fields. These buildings house around 50,000 m2 of commercial space, 22,000 m2 of office space and 20,000 m2 of residential space, together with the 8,000 m2 of sports facilities and 3 football fields.